Teaching Kit

FSA BootCamp @MozSpaceBanglore

A Mozillian Event to bring all the FSA's together

Made by Sumanth Damarla


Hello all,
                  I thank everyone who made this event a grand success. The agenda of event was
1. Round of introductions - Welcome newbies and fellow Mozillians.
2. Planning event which can help to spread the Mozilla Mission at rapid speed and more impact.
3. Interactive sessions/ fun Ice -Breaking Activities.
4. To empower FSA's with all the tools, resources and trainings from Mozilla.
5. Have a live meetings with the RAL's and the Exec Board.

* Target Audience: College students/youth, Firefox Student Ambassadors
* Size of event: 30-50 People
* Time: 6-8 hours
* Venue: 30 + seating capacity, space to sit in circle, space to breakout into small groups, place to write/ white boards/ glass boards.
* Tools & resources required: internet, power sockets, sticky notes, pens, markers, laptops/desktops, if possible a camera
* hastag: #MozSpaceBLR #FSABootcamp

Plan your amazing event as below :) ...

  1. Introduction. 20min. Quick go-around in a circle. Participants introduced themselves:
         a. My Name is___,
         b. I’m from___
         c. I feel ____ (excited, different, great ...)
    Gave an overview of the training's agenda.
  2. Agenda Brainstorming. 30min. Set the objectives of the training based on participants interests and needs.
  3. Why we #teachtheweb. 20min. Provided some context and concepts for why we teach the web.
  4. Sharing in Pairs. 50min. Split the attendees into groups of 5-6 members with a Mozilla Rep for each group who can interact with each other and share cool experiencies like
         a. What motivated you?
         b. What interested you to be part of this amazing global Community?
         c. The thing I want to learn.
  5. Wrapup Event 1 hour 30min. Set goals to build stronger Mozilla community and work on spreading word about Mozilla mission and ts products. Make cool friends and leave :)

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